June 10, 11 & 12 in Calgary.
Now you can learn the secrets that conversation masters use to start conversations, speak with ease, radiate confidence and capture the attention of others. This program shows you how, step by step..

How To Start Conversations, Keep Them Going & Feel Totally RELAXED in Social Situations

1. The 10 Best Conversation Tips That Really Work

Start up a conversation with anyone and always have something to say next.

2. Master Confident Body Language & Get Relaxed

Learn the secrets to  body language that actually causes you to feel more conifident.  Practice relaxation techniques that allow you to call upon your own built in relaxation response - whenever you need it.

3. Re-discover Who You Really Are & Express Your Unique Awesomeness

Stop worrying about fitting in and being accepted. Get in touch with your true self and attract people with your awesomeness!
(Yes - I mean YOU!)

4. Secrets To Conversation Charisma

Bump up your game and learn what it takes to be one of those people who have that special attraction.


Ever been with someone who just seems to know how to start up a conversation with anyone and always knows what to say?  You can be that person. It's just a matter of learning & mastering techniques and then practicing them until they come naturally to you. Get good at this and you will never find yourself at loss for words again or standing there in awkward silence.

You will:

  • Learn how to start up a conversation with anyone - in a group or one-on-one

    Start a conversation and say hello in a way that opens the door for further conversation.

  • Keep the conversation moving.

    Never again be searching desperately for something to talk about as the dreaded silence engulfs you.

    Get beyond "hi how are you" using techniques such as subject threading and conversation looping.

    Feel free to express your true self, your unique  personality & connect deeply with others.

  • Enjoy yourself and really feel relaxed while expressing your true self

    Master a wide variety of proven relaxation techniques that you can call upon to allow you to feel energized but calm whether you are meeting a new person or making an important presentation.

A comprehensive step-by-step system to learn how to have relaxed, fun and easy conversations with anyone, any time. Great conversations are the stepping stone to all personal relationships. Making connections with others is so much easier when you can hold your own in a conversation.

What people are saying about this workshop.........

"This course was amazing. Jenna has clearly studied social anxiety and knows the problems I was facing.  She has helped me get the self confidence I've always wanted, and I've tried everything!. Thank you," -- Peter S.

"I used to avoid social contact because I never knew what to say after the "hello, how are you?" "great, how are you?" stage. Now I can easily guide the conversation and keep it going as long as I want"


"I'm a different person now than when I started this workshop.  I was awkward and shy and feeling hopeless. I've already made connections with some fine people here. Highly recommend Conversation Confidence to anyone who feels like I did!" --- Jordan


Jenna has spent over 20 years helping people learn to be more confident socially and in conversation. Part of the success her clients have is directly related to the quality of the practice they receive. While it's easy to read about how to have great conversations, and feel relaxed in social situations, you really can't master these skills unless you practice them. Effective workshops include specifically designed exercises to help you excel at these new skills.

You will:

  • Practice starting conversations with new people,

    Experience feeling at ease starting conversations with anyone. Find out why initiating conversations puts you in a position of power and can strengthen your sense of confidence and self worth.

    You'll find out about the 2 most common (incorrect) ways many people with social anxiety approach conversations and practice what to do instead. 

  • Master 5 different ways to relax and stay grounded if you start to feel anxious.

    Once you learn and master these 5 techniques you will be able to call upon them anywhere, any time. Learn how to put your body and mind in an optimal energized yet calm state. 

    Try out 4 proven ways of leveraging your energy into engaging conversation. You will start to find that conversation is a secure and stress free way to express yourself and connect with other people.

  • Practice 3 insider secrets to keep your conversations interesting,

    Discover insider's secrets used by professional speakers to add an element of charm and intrigue to your conversations.

    With practice you will begin to play with the rhythm of each conversation as easily as tapping to the beat of your favorite music.


Practice is the key to learning that sticks. You will be guided step by step in this 3 day workshop as you master the skills of conversation confidence in a supportive fun environment. Everything about this workshop is specifically designed to enhance your learning and increase your confidence.

What others are saying about this workshop..........

"A friend put me onto this workshop. I was skeptical at first but took a chance anyway. I'm so glad I did.  I thought I was just one of those people who will always be too shy to be able to meet new people and actually have a decent conversation. I am so pleased to find out that things don't have to be that way. "


"You can't teach an old dog new tricks was what I feared was my reality, but after years of feeling "less than", invisible and inadequate in my life I am starting to change. I'm looking forward to learning more. I want to say to those people who are older that your life is not carved in stone. Your future does not have to be like your past. "


"I have a lot more to learn and I definitely need to keep practicing but I'm seeing good changes in myself - step by step. Thank you Jenna!. I would definitely recommend this workshop."



Having honest feedback when you ask about how you are doing puts you in control of your progress and enables you to advance faster than just guessing and using trial and error. The beauty is that you will only get feedback when you ask for it.  All feedback is honest yet constructive and given by people who want you to succeed. Working together with a group of people who are supportive and have struggled with feeling shy, anxious and cautious gives everyone in the group permission to experiment and take small risks trying out new things.

You will:

  • Be able to rely on honest helpful feedback.

    Instead of learning and practicing on your own (which you might tell yourself is safer and more comfortable), you can benefit even more from learning with supportive partners who want you to succeed. The trouble with doing things on your own is that you never really know for sure how you come across or if what you are doing is really working the way you want it to.

  • Only receive feedback when you are request it.

    You are in control at all times. You will never be cajoled into trying something you don't want to do or get feedback you haven't asked for. Never ever!

  • Learn how to enhance your effectiveness.

    Get positive feedback on your progress, and give positive feedback to others to help them grow too. (You will be surprised at how easy it is to do more of what you know is great)

Positive social feedback escalates learning new skills. Learn about how to have awesome conversations in a comfortable, fun supportive group setting and watch your confidence soar.

What others are saying about this workshop............

"I only wish they taught this stuff in school. Then I would have learned it all sooner. Having the confidence to  talk to others is so essential to living a normal good life."

"I can apply what I've learned in every aspect of my life - from work to dating to home life to just getting along better with friends. I didn't realize I could be an exciting fun person. Actually I guess I always was! Lol I was just hiding it all inside and didn't have the skills or courage to let it show."


""One of the best parts of this workshop was meeting other people with social anxiety. I felt like the group understood where I was coming from. The practice sessions were actually fun. I laugh when I think how I was worried about that before. Confession -  I was so concerned I almost didn't show up. So glad I decided to go. I would definitely recommend this workshop.
Jenna has a way to make you feel like you belong and are appreciated. She made it easy."



Experience this 3 day private workshop with a small group of other people who know what it's like to struggle with shyness or social anxiety, and you will make connections that last beyond the end of the workshop. These are people who are on a similar journey that can be a source of support, encouragement and friendship.

You Will:

  • Connect with others who have experienced shyness or social anxiety.

    For many workshop participants it is a relief to finally meet up with so many others who understand just what it's like to struggle in social situations.

  • Become part of a network of support for others who are working on improving their social and conversational confidence.

    People with social anxiety are some of the most giving, caring, respectful and supportive people around. You will experience the benefits of gathering together with like minded individuals and also be a contributor in helping others grow.

  • Take that first step together towards a new life of social comfort and connection.

    One of the biggest secrets to becoming confident socially is learning and practicing conversation. Afterall, talking with one another is one of the main ways we connect in life. You can't do this on your own.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and join a small group of like minded people in a learning experience that can change your life? I encourage you to take this small step towards your future. Click on the link above and sign up for this workshop.
Invest your time, money and effort in yourself.
You absolutely deserve it - even if now you aren't sure.


I specialize in helping people who are shy or socially anxious feel comfortable and confident in all social situations. I'm happy to be your mentor & coach on the journey to transforming your life & fully expressing the person you really are with confidence. I have university degrees in psychology and biopsychology and have studied empirically based solutions for social anxiety extensively.
My programs include weekend workshops and week long retreats each focused on strengthening a specific area of social confidence. My clients are people from all walks of life but I often help technical professionals such as engineers, computer programmers, artists, scientists and students become more confident meeting new people, speaking in groups, making friends, making presentations and feeling comfortable at social events . I also offer private coaching sessions. However I believe most people make faster progress working in groups. (Plus it's more cost effective for you!)

I believe you are an awesome person who deserves to live the life you dream of. If you are willing to pursue your goals with determination and commit time and effort to practicing what you learn I can help you achieve your dreams.


Learning to become confident in conversations will change your life.